7 Reasons You Will Love Moving to Hendersonville, NC

Thinking about moving to Hendersonville? Well, moving to any new city will, without a doubt, come with a long list of questions. What area should I live in? Should I rent or buy? If I make the decision to buy, what type of house would suit me best in this particular area? What type of community should I expect to encounter? Are the locals friendly and welcoming to newcomers? Does the town offer the type of environment I’m looking for? Honestly, the questions could go on and on, and we can understand why. Any move is a big life change complete with its fair share of challenges and obstacles, moreso if not considered carefully.  Moving to Hendersonville, NC is no different. Though many families and young adults in this part of the state are well aware of the serenity and beautiful landscape that Hendersonville has to offer, taking a good look at the reasons that are motivating many individuals to make the decision to settle down here is well deserving.

It’s for this reason that we have decided to put together our most treasured list of reasons you will love moving to the wonderful, hill-nestled city of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Though there are numerous reasons, perhaps uncountable, that would make this move all the worthwhile, we have compiled a list entitled 7 reasons you will love moving to Hendersonville NC

1. Location, location, location. Though Hendersonville is a quieter city when compared with other large American cities, its proximity to places like Asheville, the Greenville and Spartanburg areas, and its ease of access to larger cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Knoxville make it ideal for many. Without the business and high-traffic of larger cities, residents of Hendersonville can enjoy the best of both worlds. With the city of Asheville being only 25 miles north of the town and the Greenville and Spartanburg area being as little as 30 minutes south, guests can enjoy quick access to either spot. 

2. The Small Town Feel With A Big Town Vibe. Henderson county is home to about 112,000 residents, with the median age being 38 years. More specifically, the population count of the city of Hendersonville is about 15,000, quite low when compared to booming metropolises that can be found not too far away. This small town feel is favored by many, being considered a peaceful alternative to the crowded, high-strung cities that exist on the opposite end of the spectrum. Having said that, a small town feel can be a complaint for some, worried about the lack of ambience that fills the city. Well, worry not. This is not the case for Hendersonville. Along with having one of the best main streets in the state of North Carolina, Hendersonville was awarded for the “Best Outdoor Space Improvement” in the state and recognized for its downtown renovations that have since restored life to the city’s downtown area. Among the shops lining main street, newcomers will find eclectic shopping, outdoor cafes, joyful walking areas, and tasty dining options.

3. Culture. Another great reason you’ll love moving to Hendersonville is the culture. The town of Hendersonville is home to to two theatres, both of which are home to an array of talented actors and stage hands. Along with these two theatres that see a number of shows and performances, Hendersonville boasts a city-branded symphony and another organization called the Henderson County Arts Council, which work hard to bring the arts to life in our small town. Liking the idea of moving to Hendersonville NC yet?

4. Festivals galore. Newcomers and locals alike will also find that it’s a ton of fun to participate in events like the two festivals that occur every year, transforming the downtown area of Hendersonville to a city-wide celebration. On Memorial Day, Hendersonville residents and visitors will find themselves face to face with the Garden Jubilee, a celebration of all things spring and gardening. Then, on Labor Day, another festival fills the streets of downtown as the Apple-themed event celebrates the Apple Production of the wonderful town.

5. Outdoor Activities. Reason number five that is one of our particular favorites that we’re sure will spark your love for the vibrant town of Hendersonville are the ample opportunities to participate in outdoor activities. Along with fantastic hiking options in nearby state parks such as the Dupont State Park and Chimney Rock State Park, just to name a few, newcomers will also have plenty of chances to take part in bird watching, long hikes, rock climbing, and bike riding.

6. Picturesque Landscape. The incredible landscape that you’ll find in Hendersonville is one that will leave you speechless and grateful for your move. The town is located in the southern mountains of West North Carolina, and is surrounded by trees that change colors to match each and every season. When buying a home in Hendersonville NC, many have the chance to purchase a home that is within view of some of the most spectacular scenes of this part of the country. 

7. Friendly Locals. Hendersonville is also known for its friendly, warm, close-knit community that considers itself family. With always a smile on their faces, a move to Hendersonville will provide you with the chance to meet some of the warmest, kindest people you’ve ever encountered. This town is home to a wide variety of individuals, from young, single adults, to families, to retired couples. There is something for everyone in Hendersonville.

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