Ed Frisbee

Real Estate Consultant serving Hendersonville and surrounding Western North Carolina

What Makes A Property Appreciate

What Really Makes a Property Appreciate DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2017 A home’s value generally appreciates 3 percent to 4 percent every year, which is attributed mostly to population growth and inflation. However in 2016, homeowners saw appreciation...

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Is This a Promising Time to Enter the Hendersonville Listings?

We won’t know the actual foot traffic numbers for Hendersonville until after the dust has settled at the end of summer, but we do know for certain that the law of supply and demand points to this year being a standout for sellers. In large part, because the economic outlook has been building optimism for months, early signs point to strengthening buying interest

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Hendersonville Homebuyers Benefit from Key Characteristics

The probability of winding up with exactly the right Hendersonville home increases in tandem with the ability to resist hasty impulses. The first or second property visited might ultimately turn out to be the best one—but there is wisdom in verifying that through comparison with a range of other possibilities. Patience in house hunting makes for an informed homebuyer

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Hendersonville Rental Properties and the Magician’s Trick

Striving to become a prudent person is a laudable goal—one usually only achieved after impetuous youthful misadventures have taught the wisdom of prudence. Caution—particularly in financial matters—may seem to be synonymous with prudence—but they aren’t always the same thing. Especially when there are magicians at work.

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